Non contact automatic temperature measurement
    Identify mask/unmasked and provide warning
    Automatic registry and recording of information
    Live-call feature from authorized personell

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  • BS800-CW Temperature FCR Terminal Access Control System

    Product Description
    Product Name
    Human Body Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Access Control System
    Purpose It can be applied to gate channel and access control attendence to achieve safe and efficient access control of personnel. Recognition system can reduce face to face contcat between people,reduce attendence of manul inspections, protect against high fever groups and ensure people’s safety.
    Applicable Scene : School,community,airport,subway,bus,office building and so on.
    Advantage : Fiscal recognition, High temperature alarm,Access Control
    Technology :Human Face Recognition Technology & Infrared Thermal Imaging Module.
    Supports :Face recognition with wearing mask, Password verification, Card (Optional)
    Operating System :Industrial-grade Linux intelligent operating system
    Processor (Regular) :Four Core 1.2G
    Processor Local Storage :Run memory 4GBit DDR3, storage capacity 32GBit Screen
    5.0 inch capacitive touch screen,Touchscreen virtual keys,All metal body, Rain proof, Dustproof
    854 * 480
    Camera White Balance
    Storage capacity
    Faces: 3,000;Record: 1 million
    Communication method
    Attendance report
    U disk export the temperature record details and attendance statistics report; Computer software collects data through network
    connected devices
    Language : English,
    Rejection rate (frr) <=0.1% False acceptance rate (far) <=0.0001% Recognition mode : 1: 1, 1: N Matching speed : 0.2 Seconds Dynamic face recognition distance : 0.5-1.5 meters Name display and built-in bell Support : Professional access control functions Tamper alarm, door open alarm, forced door open alarm, alarm linkage and output, a group of door open signals, time zone authority control, personnel authority control, holiday authority control, external access control read head, Wiegand 26/34 input Working voltage and current : 12V / 1A Human body temperature detection : Support Temperature detection distance : 0.5~0.6 meter Measuring Accurecy : ± 0.3°C Adaptable working temperature range of the equipment : -20°C~65°C Thermal imaging temperature range : -40°C~85°C Nomal Mode : Register the face firstly, Identify the face & measure the temperature, the nomal one will pass in,and alarm for the abnomal one (exceeds the standard) ,used in places where people are fixed. Stranger Mode : No need face registration, just face temperature measurement, alarm if exceeding the standard, used in places where people are not fixed. Other Mode : The temperature measurement function can be turned off after the epidemic period, which can be used for dynamic face access control attendance Weight : Gross weight 1490 g ,Net weight 896 g Equipment size : 210*88*26mm

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  • Disinfection Tunnel

    Main Technical Parameter:
    Measurement : body temperature ± 0.1 ℃, face recognition sensing range 300mm
    Power : 250W
    Applicable Power Source : 220V
    Product Size : 1400mm * 1300mm * 2000mm
    Disinfectant : HCIO Hypochlorite Disinfectant or Dropfunk Disinfectant (1: 2 or 1: 4)
    Atomization Capacity : 4KG / H (size optional)
    Atomization Nozzle : 1 piece
    Face recognition temperature measurement port : 1 piece
    Water tank : 1 piece
    Atomizer : Atomizer

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  • Hand Help Thermo Scanner

    Product’s Highlights:
    BAGT-HTT04-07P is a hand-held tool-type infrared thermal imager with highly resolution of 384 x 288. The product consists of infrared camera lens, infrared imaging detector module, visible imaging module, laser module, LCD display screen, memory card, rechargeable battery and software and hardware processing system.
    The infrared thermal imager is fast, accurate, convenient and durable in temperature measurement. It is suitable for various fault prevention, maintenance and detection.
    Application in New Energy Range:
    1. Detection of LED Chip Temperature, Heat Dissipation Technology and Lamp Temperature;
    2. Solar module hot spot, welding process of battery sheet, inverters and related circuit detection.

  • Hand Thermal Scanner 2020

    This professional handheld thermal imaging camera is widely used in the medical, archaeological, transport, agriculture and so on. The potential problems may be displayed on color display screen clearly. This is helpful for users to locate the measurement cursor of the central point quickly and measure the temperature. This infrared thermal imager combines the functions of surface temperature and real-time thermal imaging.

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  • Thermal Cameras

    Specification: Thermal imagery Sensor 1024PIXS
    Thermal Lens : 5mm
    Temperature Distance : 0.2-1.0M
    Thermal pixel time constant : <4ms Temperature angle 32 degrees left and right, 32 degrees up and down Processor HI3516EV200 Image sensor 2 Megapixels, 1920 * 1080 CMOS Sensor Frame Rate 1~30fps Min. Illumination Color: 1.5 Lux; W/B: 0 Lux with IR LED ON Lens/ Visual Angle 3.6mm/100° Apply system Software version IOS7.1, Android 4.0 and above Operating system Linux Recording Mode Wholeday recording, timing recording and alarm recording Video Storage Support Max 128G TF Card Audio Compression G.711A Audio Input built-in 38dB microphone Protocols TCP/IP,HTTP,TCP,UDP,SMTP,DHCP,NTP,UPnP,P2P etc Wireless WiFi 802.11b/g/n wireless network Network Interface 1 RJ45 10M / 100M Ethernet port Detection High body temperature, >37.3
    Battery : 2pcs 3000ma 18650 battery
    Operating temperature : Operating temperature: 5° c ~ + 37 ° c
    Power : Maximum power <5w, 5V USBpower supply
    Product size : 216mm*63mm*114m
    Package size : 254mm*150mm*140mm
    Weight : 735g

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  • Walk through metal detect with temperature

    Library sensor metal detector with temperature measuring device details:
    Operation mode:
    Infrared remote control operation; computer remote networking operation (customized);
    Luxurious 7-inch touch color screen, Chinese and English menu can be choose;
    Product process:
    It is made of PVC synthetic material and special technology, waterproof and moisture-proof, luxurious and beautiful appearance, more suitable for large and advanced places.
    Intelligent statistics:
    Intelligent passenger volume and alarm counting function which can automatically count the number of people passing and the number of alarms.
    Powerful anti-jammingperformance:
    Digital, analog and left-right balance technologies are adopted to prevent false alarm and missing alarm, and greatly improve the anti-interference ability.
    Security protection:
    With double password protection, only authorized personnel are allowed to operate, the password can be modified as required, and password loss recovery settings are provided, higher security.
    The parameter setting is automatically stored, without the use of UPS protection, more secure and convenient.
    Electromagnetic radiation:
    It conforms to EMC electromagnetic radiation standard and adopts weak magnetic field technology, which is harmless to pacemaker wearer, pregnant woman, floppy disk, film, video tape, etc.
    Installation and debugging:
    The metal and temperature detection door of the equipment adopts the integrated design, which can be installed or disassembled in 20 minutes, and is equipped with the installation and commissioning operation instructions.

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